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The Objectives

• To visit villages and communities that lacks such privileges to perform ultrasound scan for supposed pregnant women, to rule out any abnormalities that could lead to mortality.
• To educate all to know the importance of antenatal clinics and its benefits.
• To help expectant mothers to always have their deliveries done with skilled trained personals or trained traditional birth attendees.
• To educate people on the need to go through caesarean operation for labour when normal vagina delivery is not ideal for one’s health.
• To organize seminars for traditional birth attendants (TBA’s) the need to refer patients if the need arises and also how-to prevention of infections during labour.
• To promote the health and welfare of mothers and neonatal.
• To disseminate information’s by publishing the proceedings through the media.
• To have the NGO’s offices sited in all regions of Ghana and eventually to all communities.
• To offer free family planning education for the various communities.
• To do laboratory tests for expectant women.
• To create the platform for such deprived communities to engage trained and skilled health personals.


In other to achieve its aims or objectives the may
• Raise money
• Open a bank account
• Employ staff
• Acquire and manage buildings’
• Organize courses and events
• Work with other groups and exchange information’s


• The initial membership shall be those persons whose names and signatures shall appear on the membership form.
• Membership shall be available to anyone without regards to gender, race, nationality, disability, religion or belief.
• Every individual member in the organization shall have one vote at the general meetings.
• The membership of any member may be terminated for good reason by management committee but have to be heard upon.


• The group shall be administer by the management committee and super headed by the board of directors
• The officers of the management committee shall be the chairman, vice chair, accountant, the coordinator, and the secretary.
• The management committee shall meet at least four (4) times a year and there can be emergency meetings between quarterly.
• The chairman shall chair all meetings of the group but in his absence the vice will chair the meetings.
• The management committee may by a two-thirds majority vote and for a good and proper reason remove any committee member, provided that the person has the right to be heard before a final decision made.
• The aquarium for management committee meetings shall be five (5) members.
• Voting at the management committee meetings shall be by balloting. If there is tired vote then the chairman shall have a second vote.
• One person can aspire for a position and be voted for not more than two (2) years but if one misbehave whilst in office, the members can vote for a new member to join the management team and is for a period of two years.

Duties of The Officers

• A-the duties of the chairperson are to:
• Chair meetings of the committee and the group
• Represent the group at functions/ meetings the organization is invited to.
• Act as the spokesperson for the group if the need be.